Why choose MELLab microphones?

Because they are designed for our job:
We build our microphones having clear the needs of those who'll use them every day, because we are the first ones to use them every day, demanding unblemished performance and absolute reliability.

Because they have unique characteristics:
Our microphones model MYc-3 are the only ones in the world (till now ...) to have the removable capsule and to host a colored ring for immediate identification. The CEL-4 model is produced in two versions to give the best with iOS or Android systems overcoming problems of distortion and noise. And something else is coming ... Finally, the TX-3 microphone does not find competitors on the market. It is the first measurement microphone specifically designed for wireless systems, but it is also a super- versatile transducer. With appropriate interfaces it can be used in a multitude of conditions and modalities.

But above all for their technical characteristics:
Our microphones set new standards in their price range. The pre-polarized capsule that equips all our microphones has been chosen (laboriously) among many brands and models: Frequency response 10-10kHz +/- 1dB; 10-20kHz +/- 2dB; (more stringent than IEC class 1) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 140dB SPL <= 3% Noise <= 23dBA SPL eq. It has a diameter of less than 6 mm, a thermal coefficient of +0.035 dB / ° C and a working range of -10 ° C to +50 ° C. The constructive quality, stability and overall performance achieved by these electret capsules with polymeric diaphragm satisfied us completely, convincing us that the most expensive metal diaphragm option was now justified only for laboratory or reference use. A microphone with these features deserved a solid, elegant and compact dress. All our models are made of AISI 316 "naval" steel and identified by a deep laser engraving. They have good connectors and electronics optimized for the interfaces for which they are intended. The capsule size allowed us to make microphones with an acoustic port of 7 mm diameter, complying with the ¼ " standard. This "geometric" solution guarantees excellent omnidirectionality, minimum disturbance of the sound field, maximum operability in free / diffused / pressure fields and full compatibility with standard couplers, calibrators and adapters. All microphones are protected by an aluminum waterproof case and are supplied with their own correction file and calibration chart.

All this at an unbelievable price.

A final note. We have chosen not to use complex cardboard and plastic packaging, nor boxes of precious wood or other aesthetic trappings. We consider them needless, indeed, harmful. They raise costs and unnecessarily impact an already mistreated environment. This strategy, the craft method and the desire for direct contact with our customers, maybe will let us sell less microphones but wants to be our small contribution to the beautiful planet that hosts us and that we treat so badly.